TechLAB 1

Program Overview

TechLAB stands for the three subjects covered by this program: ADST (Applied Design, Skills, and Technology), English Language Arts, and Bible. Put those together, and you get TechLAB.

Technology is the focus of TechLAB, with students learning about coding, robotics, electronics, and how to use online programs and tools. While that is awesome, what’s even better is that students will also complete English Language Arts and Bible while creating projects, following instructions, making presentations, reading a techy novel, considering poetry written by bots, researching the ethics of AI, and discussing global technology issues, and more. TechLAB has been designed for students who are interested in technology. If your child struggles with motivation to read, write, or engage thoughtfully with their schoolwork, the topics and assignments in TechLAB will grab their attention as they think about the future, the world, and technology. Furthermore, many assignments in TechLAB are submitted in video format, helping students grow in both written and verbal communication skills as they relate to technology.

TechLAB encourages students to think of their role in the world and body of Christ as creative people, made in the image of God.  Students will read and write about God the Father as creator, the Holy Spirit who lives within us, and Jesus and the power of his grace. Stewardship and ethics are touched on several times throughout the year. Each week, there is an optional class meeting on Zoom, where students will discuss technology and current events, tackle coding problems together, pray for needs, discuss Biblical themes, encourage each other, and can ask questions about the course material and get help with projects and lessons. These meetings are intended to enrich your student’s learning and provide additional support. Student attendance at these online meetings is not required.

The world is becoming increasingly technological. TechLAB will help to prepare your student to be a thoughtful and skilled participant in the digital world that is emerging. 

Technology Modules

In the first week of classes, students will choose three of the following ADST Modules to complete during the year:

  • Skills for Online Success
  • Lego Robotics 1
  • Lego Robotics 2
  • Levelled Coding with Tynker
  • Arduino 1

Core Modules

These modules teach specific English and ADST competencies and delve into Biblical Attributes and worldview.

  • Getting Started
  • Coding and Poetry
  • Novel Study
  • The Designer’s Toolbox
  • Designer Biographies
  • Technology and the Future: Essay Writing

NOTE - TechLAB can be completed only ONCE in grades 7, 8, or 9. 

Synchronous Cohort Available
The first 15 minutes of the weekly Zoom meeting will introduce the lessons and assignments for the week, give instructions, and clarify expectations.  Synchronous students commit to keeping pace with the class and to attending at least the first 15 minutes of the weekly meeting.  While synchronous students will be greatly encouraged to stay for the rest of the meeting, the next 45 minutes of the meeting are optional. A full schedule is available at https://hcos.ca/imtschedule.


Time Commitment

TechLAB meets the requirements for three subjects in one set of assignments and lesson.  As a result, TechLAB requires a significant commitment of time and energy.  Students should plan to work on TechLAB for 4-7 hours per week, for 28 weeks. However, because working with Lego, coding games, and building circuits can be great fun and highly challenging, it is not uncommon for students to spend many extra hours bringing their design ideas to life.  While this can add on a lot of time, the experience is enriching and satisfying for students.


  • All student will complete the Novel Study.  Students can choose to borrow or purchase either The Giver by Lois Lowry or Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein .
  • Students who choose to complete the Arduino module will need to purchase the Arduino Starter Kit (approximately $125). Curriculum funds can be used to purchase this kit.
  • Students who choose to complete one of the Lego Robotics modules will be able to reserve one of our Lego Kits for 8 weeks during the year at no cost.
  • Students who choose to complete the Tynker module will be set up with a Tynker account at no cost.
  • Computer Requirements
    • Mac or PC
    • A webcam and headset
    • Free software and services including Lego’s Mindstorm Education software, Arduino IDE, Zoom, and Flipgrid.
    • A high speed internet connection is required.


Contact Mark Lamden at mlamden @ onlineschool.ca for more information.

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