Virtual Worlds French, Level 4 (Gr. 8, 9, 10)

Course Overview

Work with your classmates to build an amazing virtual museum in this project and orally-based French course! Students will collaborative build the exhibits and gift shop, then give tours.

Students meet weekly for a live, teacher-led lesson in a virtual French-Canadian town where they interact with classmates and the virtual French environment. This course includes 24 dynamic lessons in 3 units: Natural History, French Artists, and Museum Gift Shop.

Classes start in the second week of September and run until approximately mid-May. It is best to participate in live classes in order to have authentic interactions, but if a student needs to start mid-stream or miss an occasional lesson, weekly recordings do allow for flexibility. Following each lesson, students complete “homework” throughout the following week in order to finish assignments and regular practice, using either paper or digital resources including Duolingo and Quizlet.

Level 4 French is currently offered in our 3DU environment, and VW French Level 3 is strongly recommended as a prerequisite. If you have prior French experience, teachers are happy to meet online to do a brief placement test to determine if Level 3 will be a good fit.

For more information, contact Gord Holden, gholden @ onlineschool.ca.


Time Commitment:

This course is approximately 24 weeks in length. Each week students participate in one live 45-60 minute lesson, and complete approximately 60-90 minutes of homework. A schedule is available at https://hcos.ca/imtschedule.


Reliable high-speed internet and a quiet workspace or headset are necessary to run the virtual world and other digital resources. PC computer is preferable for the 3DU platform.

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