Bible 8

Course Overview

This course will reveal the nature, character and attributes of God in light of Scripture to give teens a better grasp of who God is. It is based on the premise that the more we know and understand God through a careful study of His Word, the greater will be our personal challenge to maintain a right relationship with Him.

More than simply a body of information, the course translates knowledge into personal applications students discover how an attribute of God applies to daily life. Questions are asked: So what? How does what happened to them, then affect me, now: Why is this important to study? The answers that are uncovered are what make this course unique.

Day after day, they will integrate Scripture into their thinking as they face some tough questions about who God is and how He interacts with His creation. Students will end the semester with a greater understanding of God and will be motivated to a life of obedience and faithfulness to Him.


Time Commitment:

Based on a semester pacing, this course is based on five, 45 to 60 minute lesson parts every week. 


  • Let God Be God”. We will be going through this book throughout the course.
  • All assignments are supplied within the course and will either be uploaded within, or posted directly to, the course in their appropriate locations.
  • Recommended but not required: Bible software program.
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