Math 7

This math course provides video lessons, practice questions, and assessments, covering the BC Ministry of Education learning outcomes on these topics:

  • divisibility rules for whole numbers
  • addition and subtraction of fractions
  • addition and subtractions of integers
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication and division of decimals
  • relating decimals and fractions
  • percent
  • circles
  • area of triangles
  • parallelograms and circles
  • line segments
  • angle bisectors
  • plotting points in the coordinate plane
  • transformations of shapes in the coordinate plane
  • central tendency
  • outliers
  • circle graphs
  • probability
  • sample space
  • writing linear equations
  • tables of values
  • graphing points on the coordinate plane
  • preservation of equality
  • solving linear equations.

There will also be 4 cumulative reviews as well as access to the BC ExamBank website to help students in their studying.

Students should have completed Math 6 prior to this course.

Supplies needed are a calculator, ruler and graph paper.

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