Bible 7

Course Overview

Bible 7 is a walk through the Old Testament - “Big Picture” style. We will talk about well-known Biblical characters but the focus of this course is not to just read bible stories over again, but rather to start putting it all together as one BIG STORY. We will look at the Old Testament as God’s story of His quest to get back onto right relationship with His creation. We will see how the history of the Children of Israel leads us right to Jesus.

Learning Outcomes covered:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of justification through faith in Christ and the scriptures associated with this doctrine
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Old Testament books through a personal Bible study
  • Identify the different names of God clarifying how each reveals different aspects of God's character and love
  • Identify the worldview presented in books, movies, lyrics, or T.V programs, and compare this view to a biblical worldview
  • Commit to memory a significant portion of scripture
  • Communicate with God through prayer
  • Participate in a faith community that will have some application of Bible study such as weekly Church Service, Youth Group, Bible Study, or Chapel
  • Participate in an ongoing devotional approach to reading the Scriptures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how a commitment to Christ stirs Spirit-filled acts of service in the family, community, church body or missions
  • Demonstrate an understanding what means to commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Describe and demonstrate different ways one can be of service to Christ
  • Participate in intercessory prayer


  • Individual weekly assignments - 60% of the course mark
  • 3 comprehensive quizzes - 20% of the course mark
  • TimeLine Project – 20% of the course mark
  • Bonus marks for Scripture memorization


Time Commitment:

Each week there will be some reading to do in your own Bibles, you will listen to an audio clip, sometimes you will watch a movie or a portion of one, listen to music, build a pyramid out of sugar cubes or just write a short reflection on one of the weekly lessons. There is a lot of variety in the assignments and I have tried to make them meaningful yet not overwhelming in terms of work load. Finally, all through the course you will be dong one project which will be to build a timeline notebook. When the course is complete you will have a record of how the story of God and His people unfolded. I hope you choose to join me on this ancient adventure called Bible 7. Students are also encouraged to participate regularly in a faith community, have their own personal devotional time, pray and memorize Scripture.

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