Socials 6

Course Overview

We will explore various concepts of Geography/ History as they shape and inform Culture, seeking to acknowledge that all of History is His Story. Examining Canada and comparing with other countries extends our worldview and leads to all kinds of Inquiry opportunities. Various online sources are used to gain insight into how other people live and look at life, as we begin to understand how our worldview shapes our lives. Students will engage in a variety of assignments and projects to share their learning as they are challenged to consider their own opportunities to make a practical, “real life” difference in response to the things they are learning.

In this course students will develop skills in;

  • Inquiry: Inquiry is encouraged, valued and required in this course. Students will be inspired to ask questions and follow lines of inquiry that they are passionate about.
  • Critical Thinking: Throughout the course critical thinking will be a focus as students are encouraged to consider evidence of God’s hand in history.
  • Research skills: Extending inquiry by using video, guided online searches
  • Presentation skills: Students will share their learning through graphs, tables, maps, writing and visual presentations

Ready to come learn with us? We are offering two options this year:

Asynchronous: This is the traditional Online model of “any time, any pace, any place”. The student works on the course independently. The teacher is available on Skype to help with questions, editing writing.

Synchronous: Students meet with their teacher in a virtual class on Zoom. Cameras are on as our purpose is to build community. The teacher will introduce the lesson and assignment for the week, give instructions, lead discussion, and prepare the students for the week’s work. Students commit to keeping pace with the class and to attending the weekly meeting which will last approximately 15 minutes. To view a class schedule visit https://hcos.ca/syncschedule.


Time Commitment:

This course is based on three 45 minute lessons every week.


Students are required to download and complete or print assignments, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle. Access to HCOS subscription sites such as Discovery Education is included in the course.

Synchronous students will use Zoom for class meetings.
All students will use Skype to ask questions, get help from the teacher.

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