Virtual Worlds 5

Course Overview

IMT5 is a program that combines the 4 subjects of language arts, science, Bible and Applied Design, Skills & Technologies into one condensed but enriched interactive online course. Students meet with each other and their teacher once a week via the mediums of Zoom and 3DU. Within the 3DU environment, both teachers and students are represented by personalized avatars and complete their required learning through quests and missions in the three dimensional universe. Focus is on quality rather than quantity, and some choice is given in some subject matter. On average, students are required to spend about 5 hours a week online and this work covers all the requirements for the 4 subjects within the IMT5 program.


The prayer community of IMT5 is one reason why many students grow in their faith and understanding of the Word during  the year.

Students are required to post prayer requests and respond to the requests of their peers with appropriate scriptures. They learn to search the Word of God to find God’s heart in matters that relate to them.
Devotions are assigned daily. Suggestions are given for resources such as Right Now Media or Keys for Kids, or the accompanying devotion for our novel study, The Unseen - 365 Day Devotions. Families are free to choose other appropriate resources if they desire.
Acts of Service are assigned 3 times a year to demonstrate understanding and application of God’s Word within their family and community.
Scripture memorization is encouraged. The assigned scriptures allow students to partake in the HCOS Scripture Memorization Project and win a prize at the end. All scripture is learned via song, which makes for easy memorization.

Most students will spend between 30 minutes  - 2 hours per week in Bible, depending on which resources their family chooses for devotions. They are not required to be “online” for devotions.

Language Arts

The oral requirements of the BC Education Plan are more than adequately met as even the most reluctant students get caught up in the social aspects of the IMT community and learn to share their ideas and projects with their peers. Some of this sharing takes place “face to face” via the Zoom platform, but the students also love to gather around the campfires in various worlds in 3DU and recite their narratives and poetry writings to the other students. Assignments include research into First Nations cultures and contemporary missionaries, Animal Stories, Fractured Fairy Tales, Poetry, Reports and other writing. The assigned novel study - The Prince Warriors - takes the children on a mesmerizing journey to an unseen world where they learn the real battles that decide their futures lie within their own hearts and minds.

Students use online games and quizzes to cover the grammar and writing conventions components of the course. Sometimes this takes place during class time and sometimes the students will work alone (or arrange to meet up with another student) for  “homework”. These  games generally take about 10 minutes per week.

Students are generally assigned 1 chapter to read each week and one writing assignment. The novel can be purchased in paper format or on Kindle.

Most students can complete the LA requirements within 1-2 hours per week.


Most of the science knowledge in IMT5 is assigned through interactive games and activities. Students travel the 3DU world in search of quests to learn about the organ system of the human body, mixtures and solutions, simple and complex machines and the rock cycle. They watch short movie clips (3-5 minutes), answer quizzes, play games and conduct virtual experiments both during class time as well as for homework. In general, 1-2 of these activities are included in each lesson.  

Students will spend about an hour per week on science.

For a sample section of an IMT5 class, please see this link.

Students interested finding out more about IMT should contact gholden @ onlineschool.ca


Parent’s Responsibility:

Although the IMT teacher is responsible for assigning and evaluating all work and conducting classes with the students, parents also play a vital role in their children’s success. An outline of parent’s responsibilities is below.

  • Ensure that computers meet the requirements outlined below
  • Ensure that the student attends class once a week
  • Provide headsets and the required novel
  • Oversee the download of new programs, particularly in the early weeks of the course. Later most students will be capable of doing this themselves.
  • Review course assignments in Moodle with their children on a weekly basis. It is strongly suggested to print a weekly list of assignments, post it in a visible location near the child’s workplace and check mark each item as it is completed.
  • Proof-read LA assignments with their child for spelling and grammar errors. LA homework is assigned weekly
  • Ensure assignments are submitted to Moodle in a timely manner.
  • Review feedback from the teacher with the child.
  • Ensure the student has access to materials needed for the three ADST projects which are: (Samples will be provided.)
    1. Build a body system
    2. Recycled Materials Art or Science Creation
    3. Simple and Complex Machine Design Project

Time Commitment:

  • Classes are held once a week for 1 hour.
  • Homework assignments will take about 5 hours per week in total for the 4 courses.
  • Three times a year the students will be assigned project work which can take 3-5 hours each. Various options are given - for example in daily devotion - which could shorten or lengthen the average time. Students are encouraged to keep up to date with weekly assignments, but no penalty is applied for late assignments.
  • A schedule is available at https://hcos.ca/imtschedule.

Student Resource Guide and Required Downloads

This is your first “go-to” resource for technical support. docs.google.com/document/d/1ekzzSgRbzaAtPx9WdjpencYwveTrGwqV3nDDCqIEYNQ/edit


  • High-speed broadband internet
  • Firefox web browser
  • A good headset with a mic.
  • Mouse - not a requirement, but it makes the programs easier to use

PC users (the preffered platform for 3DU.)

The programs we currently use are capable of operating on relatively old PC systems, however, the recommended technical specifications of your PC should include:

Processor Speed: 2 Ghz or better
System RAM: 2 GB or more
Free Disk Space: 50 GB+
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
Video Driver DirectX® 9.0c or newer
Video Card Hardware accelerated 3D graphics (256MB+ VRAM) is highly recommended
Media Viewer Windows Media Player

MAC users

Processor Speed: Minimum i5 Dual Core 3.0 GHz processor. Recommended, i7 Quad Core 2.5 GHz.
RAM: Minimum 16 GB. Recommended 32 GB.
Hard Drive: Minimum 256 GB. Recommended 512GB.
Operating System: Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later (Snow Leopard or newer).

Please be aware that Apple updates to the MAC Operating System (OS) may preclude non-Apple products from working. This is why the PC platform is preferred. Updates to Windows will grandfather existing pieces of software and not present the possibility of a disruption. Having said that, should some resources need to be run under Microsoft Windows, Windows can be installed on a Mac. 2 popular methods are Parallels, and Bootcamp. Here’s an article on the subject www.theverge.com/2015/7/29/9058825/windows-10-macbook-how-to-install-osx

  • Novel study - The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer
  • Optional devotion - The Unseen 365 Day Devotional which accompanies The Prince Warriors. Other options will also be given for families who do not wish to purchase an extra devotional.
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