Psychology 12

Course Overview

Psychology 12 is a general survey course intended to introduce students to historical and current topics in psychology. This uniquely written course does more than just introduce the field of psychology; it is also designed to allow students to reflect on and experience contemporary approaches so they can better understand some of their own curiosities about basic human nature and interactions. In short, you will examine and evaluate ideas, philosophies and values unearthed by the study of the human psyche; and, at many points along the way, you will personally experience activities that will help you decode why you and others respond the way we do to various stimuli in our environment; for example, how things like genetics, culture, social groups, personality and personal beliefs can predict how you will interact with and understand your world. If you are interested in studying psychology in the future and want to know a bit more what it might be about - or, if you're simply interested in learning a little about yourself and others - then this course is for you. After all, few things are more interesting than the study of human beings - what makes us perceive and act the way we do. Finally, a basic study of human nature also goes a long way in giving you an advantage in the marketplace (as an employee or consumer). Join Psychology 12 for an enjoyable and informative study.

Enriched Stream:

The course includes an "enriched stream option" which challenges psychological topics from a Christian lens. The enriched option allows for deeper critical thinking and Biblical commentary.


Time Commitment:

100 hours (3 hours/week linear)

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