Biology 11

Course Overview

Biology 11 will inspire students in the complexity and beauty of God's creation. This course is founded on a Biblical worldview and applies it to the learning outcomes prescribed by the British Columbia government. Students will study our origins, where we are going as a species and how we fit in to the biosphere. Within the framework of the British Columbia Ministry of Education Biology 11 curriculum, students will have opportunities to engage with other students in dialogue. Students finishing the course will gain an appreciation for nature, be better prepared to contribute to the scientific community, and be better equipped to integrate a Christian view of biology into their lives and careers. The student will study current theories of evolution with critical, scientific discernment. Comparing ideas about of creation and evolution, students will develop a scientifically sound way of looking at our world that embraces a deep concordance between science and the Bible.

Unit 1 Overview Cells & Cell Chemistry

Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are differentiated. The basic structure of cell compounds is introduced.

Unit 2 Overview Evolution

Current ideas about origins are examined. Darwinism (natural selection), genetic variation, punctuated equilibrium, extinctions, and age of the Earth are explored. Evidences for evolution are examined.

Unit 3 Overview Diversity of Life

Viruses, prokaryotes, protists, plants, and many animal phyla are introduced.

Unit 4 Overview Ecology

Relationships between living organisms and their environment are explored. Computer simulations are employed to model species interactions.


Time Commitment:

18 weeks minimum


Science 10 is a pre-requisite. There is no textbook for this course. Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and print assignments and note packages, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.

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