Humanities 11

Course Overview

Humanities 11 is a unique program that integrates three courses of study; Humanities 11 – Christian Studies, Humanities 11 – English, and Humanities 11 – Social Studies. However, Humanities 11 is far more than just a 3 in 1 course credit arrangement. Although students receive full credit for three important graduation program courses, the integrated approach, which Humanities 11 employs, blends the literary and cultural developments of the times with enduring biblical reference points. The five modules which make up Humanities 11 therefore follow Canadian history from 1914 to the present through the lens of twentieth century social theory that expresses the increasing propensity of persons to "take leave of themselves" while satisfying the ever more stringent demands of the consumerist orientation in modern culture - or what we refer to as 'The Perfect Crime' (where the nature of this process is unseen and ameliorative, thus vital for young biblical thinkers).

This theme is more than just a clever play on words, but underlies a decade by decade analysis of erosions in inter-human affairs or 'senses of belonging,' exemplified through such well-known platforms as WWI and II, the Roaring Twenties, the Dirty Thirties, the 'Leave It to Beaver' decade, the Rock n' Roll generation, and emergent global order. Within the inquiry schema we employ, students will reflect on their present calling in the world and, like detectives, deconstruct dominions that at some level infiltrate their own sensibilities to recover their fullest sense of personhood and vocational mission in the world. The possibilities are limitless with this multi-faceted and multi-genre program.

Course Credits:

  • 12 (4 for Christian Studies 11, 4 for English 11, 4 for Social Studies 11)


Time Commitment:

  • This course is 3 courses combined and will take 240 hours to complete.


  • Humanities 10 recommended but not required.
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