Composition & Literary Studies (blended 4 credit course)

Course Overview

BC’s new curriculum offers a variety of 2 credit English 10 modules, and students are required to complete at least two of these. This online course blends Composition 10 and Literary Studies 10 together for a total of 4 credits. Students will develop their composition and literary analysis skills while exploring the power of literature and the nature of justice.

Major units include the following:

  • Reading and Writing Well
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • World War II Novel Study (various novels to choose from)
  • First Peoples
  • Final Project: Variations on a Theme


Time Commitment

This course has been designed to take approximately 80 hours. Students following a linear plan will need to set aside approximately 2.5-3 hours/week for their English 10 studies. Students following a semester plan will need to set aside approximately 5 hours/week for their English 10 studies.


  • Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and print assignments and note packages, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.
  • Requires external resources: To Kill a Mockingbird, World War II novel choice, and selected short stories.
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