Christian Studies 10: Old Testament Survey

Course Overview

Christian Studies 10 Online is a survey course that provides an overview of the Redemptive Story, which begins in the Old Testament and develops an intricate connection to the essential truths and hope of Christ that culminate in the New Testament. By going through and reflecting on the salient truths of key Old Testament writings, doctrines, principles and narratives, students arrive at a working knowledge of the historical-theological foundations of "the Christian story." Through an enjoyable and personalized interaction with this material - where a variety of interesting and relevant applications are made by the student throughout the study - they will come to "realize" (make real) a lifelong living framework on which they can build, strengthen, reaffirm and nourish an authentic, well informed faith.

There are many benefits to taking this course, which include:

  1. developing a meaningful chronology of the scriptures,
  2. recognizing that the scriptures could not be written by natural man - when compared with other human writings contemporaneous with the Bible in early times - and that the God of the Bible is unique in every respect when contrasted to pagan varieties in antiquity,
  3. understanding key doctrines and their significance for personal, communal and cultural life,
  4. valuing the enduring richness and necessity of the many biblical narratives and how they have guided, protected and defined Christians through the ages,
  5. developing a thorough and thoughtful biblical literacy on key truths and principles - and in particular, recognizing the intrinsic connection between the entire biblical story and the coming Christ, the saving Christ and the glorified and resurrected Christ, and
  6. bearing witness to the variety of themes that characterize and resolve human struggle since the beginning of time (i.e. rise and fall of nations, implications of moral failure, prosperity and poverty, self-reliant living, and the precarious nature of the human heart more generally).

Students who have taken Christian Studies 10 report that the comprehensive working framework of the Bible developed in this course has impacted their view of the significance of the Bible, both personally and as a historic document. It has challenged and deepened what is often a fragmented (sometimes purely devotional) and inherited understanding of the Bible; first, by going to the roots of the Bible's meanings, and thereafter following its remarkably comprehensive and relevant connections to human livelihood through time. Students will learn how to use biblical study aids, such as concordances, word study guides, cross-referencing materials, maps and parallel interpretations on passages. They will also be given opportunity to prepare a short instructive devotional or mini-sermon in order to acquaint them with leadership in ministry.


Time Commitment:

100 hours (3 hours/week linear)



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