HCOS Courses

We have worked hard to make all our courses consistent and distinctively HCOS, this has meant developing common structures and graphics, but also at the core, we spent time working through the goals we have for our students to ensure that we are consistently meeting our mandate of quality education with Christian values. The audio and visual presentation of information is engaging, and while some reading is still required, it’s not just sitting down with a textbook. The concepts presented are applicable real life topics and final projects or assignments are broken down into small manageable chunks as the units proceed. All courses have audio options built in for any of the longer instructional pieces as well as pdf printables for any “take away” items so that students can create resource banks to support their learning going forward. The end result is a course that is beautifully designed, engaging for the students and designed for flow and accessibility

We are finalizing course descriptions for new Grade 11 & 12 curriculum. If you have questions regarding courses please contact your GA or email grad@onlineschool.ca

Note Pages

Printable note packages that reinforce student learning and create a quick reflective tool for reference.

Biblical Integration

Our HCOS Biblical attributes are woven into every course which draws students into the wonder and majesty of their faith.

Animated Videos

Captivating videos to draw in students and get them excited about their learning.

Learner Profile

All our courses are designed with our HCOS learner profile in mind, guiding our students to think critically and engage with the content in meaningful ways.

Instructional Videos

These videos teach specific skills in an engaging manner to maximize student retention.

PDF Tools

Students will build their study skills with carefully crafted PDF’s and documents to equip them for their learning journey.

  • Apparently this course prepared me well because I was able to get a 5/5 on the College Board Exam...

    Nick B., AP Student
  • Thank you for so much for creating such good learning materials. Math is actually making so much sense to me!... I am getting something like 98 at the moment in the Calculus 1 course.

    Miranda. W. [university student who took HCOS Calculus 12]
  • I enjoyed …. personal freedom to voice my own opinions and seeing myself grow throughout the course. I enjoyed each lesson and believed that each lesson had importance and relevance to my life in some ways... It was easy, straightforward and enriching.

    Madison C., Planning 10 student
  • I loved the self-evaluation aspects of this course, I found them significantly helpful and enlightening!

    Lael L., Planning 10 student
  • I loved that I was able to contact my teacher at any time, and she responded in a kind, loving and positive way.

    Emily V., Planning 10 student
  • I liked the fact that assignments were very straightforward, and that there was little ambiguity in what was expected of the student.

    Darragh W., Planning 10 student
  • The change I have seen in my son is something I couldn't have hoped for so thank you! When I asked him what his favorite thing that he is looking forward to for next year it is English with you! I literally starting tearing up!! I have seen things come from [my son] that I didn't know were in there.

    R.J, HCOS parent
  • My children both thoroughly enjoyed the English 6 course this year. I have been so thrilled with the course and I tell everyone how good it is. Thank you for the excitement and life you bring to this course. I appreciate the work that you do.

    Ashley W., HCOS parent